Happy customers!

Invoice & Payments

You don't get rich if you don't get paid!

Happy customers!

If you run a business in FSE you know the pain of accepting payments from your customers. But we can fix this for you!

NICB offers a unique payment service within FSE. How is it better than Bank of FSE? Well, in every possible way:

  • Single-click payment experience!
  • Know the pain of having your money sent to a wrong group with a similar name? With NICB invoices money always goes to you!
  • Know the pain of getting a wrong amount of money? With NICB invoices customer has no chance to mess up!
  • Know the pain of sifting through dozens of pages of payment logs? With NICB invoices the system finds the right payments for you and marks invoice as paid auto-magically!
  • Know the pain of tracking your customers manually in a spreadsheet? With NICB invoices you get the dashboard with all your invoices, which is always up to date!

Can you imagine how awesome is that? Well, what's better, you get this for free! NICB does not charge any service fee, but you might want to consider 💰 donating to us to keep the lights on.